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Dr. Martens Floral Boots

With the Dr. Martens 1460 Rose 8 Eye Boot, a rose is more than just a pretty flower. This lace-up ankle boot is crafted from high-quality full grain leather that’s printed with a finely detailed floral pattern. Currently on sale for just $77.75 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon!


Silver Fern Necklace

Inside of this glass teardrop rests a real, green Irish fern. Topped with a silver-colored, leaf-shaped bead cap. Hung on a sterling silver chain available in lengths between 18” and 24”. Sold on Etsy.


World Map Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is made with an all-over print of a world map. Currently on sale for just $16.88 at Amazon!


Wicked Clothes is proud to present our latest item: the 'Phases of the Moon' Shirt!

Printed on American Apparel tri-blend shirts for an ultra-soft feel.

Just because you’re so wonderful, use coupon code ‘SHIPFREE’ to get free shipping on all domestic orders today! 

Hurry and order now!

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